Audition requirements for current openings are listed here. Auditions for other instruments are for placement on our sub list. For those requirements or any other questions, please contact
For all instruments: Solo piece(s) preferably excerpts a concerto from the standard repertoire or sophisticated etudes that shows contrasting styles, of applicants choice (5 minutes ‐ may be portion(s) of a longer work). Choices should showcase applicants ability to play well. Please provide a copy of the solo for the judges. Video submissions are acceptable using a private YouTube or similar link.
A brief conversation with the music director will also be held, highlighting the experience and commitment level of the musician.nbsp;
Qualified candidates will have some experience playing in a symphony orchestra, some familiarity with standard orchestral repertoire, acceptable sight-reading skills, and the availability to attend scheduled rehearsals and concerts for the season.
Interested musicians should contact the orchestra to schedule an audition time. Click here to register for an audition.
All audition excerpts are from Borodin's Symphony No. 2, from the MSO program in October 2022. All excerpts are available here. All string players should prepare the entire non-solo parts of Movement IV,Finale (top line where divisi). Violinists may prepare either Violin I or Violin II parts, but must prepare Violin I to be considered for that section.
Good luck! We look forward to meeting you and hearing you play!